Film Trailers

From Talking to Playing

With incredible drive and a passion for excellence both as a pianist and as a teacher, this New York City-based artist Mira Armij Gill has won the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere she’s performed. Get a glimpse of what it takes to be a concert pianist at the highest level in a film that celebrates the passion and striving of a determined soul. The DVD contains additional bonus features including two performances by Ms. Gill plus topics of interest to piano instructors, students, and performers.




A story of loyalty…and remembrance. Captain Richard Updaw, USMC 1966-1970, is the film subject of this documentary. A chance observation at a cemetery led to a search beginning in 2004 to resurrect the memory of a fallen 19 year old Corporal killed in the fighting on Iwo Jima in 1945. The complete film is slated for release on Memorial Day 2012.



To Have and To Give

To Have and To Give is a 20 minute video about our family’s experience with live organ donation. It follows my own experience with donating a part of my liver to my brother-in-law who was dying of liver disease. It is meant to provide information and encouragement to friends and family of people in liver failure and is being marketed to transplant centers throughout the United States.




Making and Mastering Wood Planes – With David Finck

Agricola Media, in collaboration with David Finck,  has produced a  4 hour and 40 minute video workshop available on two DVD’s and  is the perfect companion to the book “Making and Mastering Wood Planes,” recognized as the definitive guide in the field. Author David Finck expertly guides the viewer through the process of making a laminated wood plane, while also teaching fundamentals of fine woodworking that can push your skills to the next level.