“To Have and To Give”, a film about living organ donation, now free online.

I’ve decided to make a number of my films available for online screening. My first release is To Have and To Give, a  film about about my experience of having been a living organ donor.

My brother-in-law, the violinist Sung Rai Sohn, was in dire need of a liver transplant. When it looked like he would not receive a liver from a deceased donor I was able to donate a portion of my own liver to help extend his life. This film is a moving depiction of our family’s journey through a tough time – a time of great stress and crisis – particularly for my wife Ann, who bravely “green-lighted” the transplant… We were very lucky; medical science was there for us and provided a means, through live donation, to help keep our family intact.

If you found this film worthwhile viewing, please donate below.

Dave Esposito

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