Production continues for “Captain”

Dick Updaw. the subject for my film with the working title Captain and I took a trip over to Sculptor James T. Link’s studio this morning to have a look at the lifesize chainsaw carving in progress of Cpl. Robert Hodes coming ashore on Iwo Jima in 1945. I videotaped the sculptor at work and conferring with Dick. Link is a very impressive artist and he’s really involved himself with the project. Dick has provided him with pictures, news articles about Cpl. Hodes, along with books about the battle of Iwo Jima.

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  1. Corydon Ireland says:

    I was the reporter at Gannett who worked with Dick on the Robert Hodes stories. I can’t imagine a better WWII documentary project, or a better Vietnam subject. Dick is the salt of this earth. A better person I could not invent. Good luck with your shooting. … Cory

    • Dave says:

      Wow, Cory!
      Thank you so much for commenting! I have to tell you, that article that you wrote with that beautiful photograph was absolutely outstanding. From the very beginning with Robert Hodes closing the door to the store (and his life in my mind), I was totally absorbed in what you said and how you said it. Beautifully written and the bar I am hoping to reach in my little film… I agree with you totally about Dick. He’s a regular guy and a noble character all in one. Kind of a man’s man in the best sense of that phrase. I’ve conducted about 4 hours of interviews so far, and his manner and focus on the Hodes story is, to me, riveting. I’m in the early stages of editing at this point, trying to identify the goals and focus of the piece. However it goes (and as much as Dick would like the story he is telling be the focus), Dick is just so obviously heroic and good in his own right that he, to me at this point, IS the film…I’m not going to work that as an angle, I just think it will emerge naturally.
      May I contact you further at some point? Are you still at Gannett? And may I ask if Dick referred you to my site or did you find the site yourself? Also, I’d like to invite you to also have a look at the “To Have And To Give” page at my site. There’s a 20 minute piece I produced which you may find interesting. I have it password protected for now as I have a couple of copyright issues to resolve, but if you type in “donor” (without quotes) you’ll be able to view the film…Thank you again for your comment Cory – and thank you again for the piece you wrote about Dick. I look forward to speaking with you again. Sincerely, Dave Esposito

  2. lucielle Tobey says:

    Robert Hodes is my fathers (Martin Fagan) nefew and Robert hodes ‘s mothers name was Nellie and his fathers name was Leo. I am a cousin of leo’s.This is really a great story and thank you for the remembrance!

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