Mike Carroll and “Naked Filmmaking”

I found a very interesting filmmaker located out in California online. His name is Mike Carroll and he’s been a news videographer for over 30 years. He’s also completed two feature films and one feature-length documentary basically in his spare time. In addition he’s written two books the first entitled “Naked Filmmaking” and the second “Breaking Into TV News“. The films that he produced are professionally made and look like they cost a sizable amount of money to produce. The amazing thing is that Mike wrote, directed, filmed, edited, and the sound for the films all by himself!

I’ve watched his documentary entitled “Dog Soldiers“, and it is brilliantly shot and edited. I’m watching his feature films out of order chronologically. The film I just finished watching is entitled, “Nightbeats“. It’s a very dark film, noir to be precise. It has a beautiful rich dramatically lit style, that is sustained throughout the movie. Mike uses theater actors for his cast of characters and his wife and daughter-in-law are prominently featured. They do beautiful jobs in portraying lost souls. It is hard to believe looking at this film that you are not looking at a Hollywood production. But the film was made for less than $10,000. And most of that money went for filming equipment. I’ve seen the film a total of four times so I could catch all of the commentaries that were included as extras and my appreciation for the film increases each time I see it. I’ve just begun watching his first feature entitled “Year“. I’ve seen the first 10 minutes and it looks like the work of a mature director with a full production crew behind him. Again, it’s just him and his troop of theatrical actors and a lot of talent and a lot of energy and persistence to pull this project off.

One thing I should’ve mentioned that at least partially explains why, as far as I’m concerned,  he’s hit a home run on each of his feature films  is that he has over 30 years of experience as a news videographer and editor at KCRA in Sacramento, which have no doubt has given him the technique that  has enabled him to produce his artistic filmmaking at such a high level.

Here is Mike’s  website .
there’s a link on his website to his Amazon store where you can rent, or buy a download of his films, or purchase DVDs. His books are also on sale both as Kindle and print versions. Very reasonably priced, and perfect for anyone interested in learning about producing truly personal films.


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