Kudos for “To Have & To Give”

OK, well I’ll admit it’s a good friend saying all these nice things about my video on live organ donation, but I value his opinion and, well, I think he’s right.

“Hey Davey,

Wow! We were very moved by your video. What a fantastic job you’ve done – I am so impressed! We sat there riveted the whole time and it really gave me a deeper appreciation for the whole process. I remember being so amazed and in awe of you at the time you did this. The video brings it all back so strongly. It’s really wonderful too, how clearly the points of view of all the players come across, you and Sung Rai, Ann and your sister, the doctors…wow. Congratulations. If Mt Sinai doesn’t love this I’ll order up a collective brain transplant for them all, and after watching your video, I stand ready to serve as a live donor – one teaspoon for each ought to do the trick.

In all seriousness Dave – you’ve done a doubly wonderful thing here. In fact, you’ve leveraged your liver yet again! First with the transplant and now with this video, which can’t but help to be a tremendous service to the community of needy recipients and possible donors. It gives such an honest look at the whole process, from the nitty-gritty to the emotional side. I think interested folks viewing this will come away really understanding what they are getting into…and be encouraged. The love shines through.

Yer star-struck pal,


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