“From Talking To Playing” – film about concert pianist Mira Gill nearing completion…

I was very lucky to come across an inspiring artist last summer while on vacation with my wife in Maine. We met-and got to know Mira Armij Gill, a concert pianist/teacher living in New York city. Mira began studying piano at age 7, and has pursued, with a tremendous drive, her artistic goals ever since. She lives to perform, playing some of the most demanding works in the piano repertoire. “She is small, but her music stands tall”, is how one critic has described her. I am about 85% complete with this production and need only a bit more footage of her working and performing and the film will be done. I’m very excited to be involved in this project. It is a privilege to watch and learn about the hopes, dreams, and doubts of a top-tier performer – and a true artist.

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