About Dave Esposito

My curiosity and passion for film really began as a young adult when I spent most of any given Sunday at the Charles Theater in Baltimore viewing documentary double-features.  The language and beauty of film captivated my imagination on many levels.  I was exploring photography at the time, taking art classes, and began working as a media specialist with the Library Video Network.  There I was able to develop skills in production, script writing, and post-production, while creating informational and training videos on any number of topics.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with some phenomenal individuals while pursuing my interests in woodworking, farming, and the arts.  These days I find myself weaving stories and information into films that pull from the various strands of my life.  My goal is to use the unique language of contemporary film-making to create and produce films and media products that nourish, instruct, and portray beauty on multiple levels.

3271 Keenan Place
Caledonia, NY 14423

Email: daveyespo@gmail.com