What You Can Expect

  • I will request being allowed to attend the Wedding Rehearsal for a short time. This allows me to have a look at the Church or Hall where the ceremony will take place. Doing so helps me prepare for filming the event as well as doing a sound check to assure the ceremony comes through loud and clear in the finished video. I’m also there to briefly discuss any requests or additional direction the bride and groom may wish to communicate..
  • I arrive at the Church or Hall  an hour before the ceremony actually begins. I use this time to film exteriors, capture the limousine arriving with the wedding party, arriving guests, “behind the scenes” as the groom waits for the bride, and much more.
  • I film the entire reception from start to finish. From the wedding party entering the hall through the last dance I strive to capture the bride and groom enjoying themselves, interacting with their guests, and sharing special moments with each other and the wedding party. I also will ask for testimonials to the Bride and Groom  from guests if they should so desire. My goal is that the video captures the spirit of the event along with many fun and meaningul moments that the Bride and Groom may have missed, but will appreciate in the video.
  • I provide two DVD’s of your wedding with full color jacket and DVD label
  • I provide one Internet ready file of the event should you wish to share the video online
  • Additional copies of the video with case and color cover and DVD label can be purchased for an additional $12.00 each
  • I will provide the edited, finished video within 10 business days of the event