Another “review” of “To Have and To Give”

These words come from a person I’m filming currently – a very interesting man name of Richard Updaw. Richard is a Vietnam Vet who has been a demolition/blasting expert in the construction trades, a farmer, and now, at 66, a school bus driver. This in addition to mantaining a 60 acre farm in Rush, NY and taking care of lots of animals-all of which are basically pets. And that’s just the superficial bio…He has a quality of character that I am very interested in delving into and learning from…Maybe eventual viewers will see what I see, and find in him the inspiration I do.

At any rate, I asked Dick to screen “To Have and To Give“, and here’s what he had to say…

“Hey David:

My hat’s off to you, partner! I watched your documentary yesterday, and you get 10 stars in all departments. I thought the video was excellent, but what really got my attention was the sincerity that came out with everyone involved, particularly you. I could tell how near & dear to you the whole episode was, and I really feel that in addition to providing a part of your liver for transplant, you also transferred a whole lot of your heart. I think you knocked it out of the park on your first documentary, and I can see where it would be extremely valuable to anyone who might be involved in any kind of transplant in the future.

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