Amazon S3 – Cloud Front & WordPress Integration for streaming media files – a bust…

After many, many hours I am close to being able to stream videos from my website without having to deal with You Tube and it’s 10 minute limit on videos, Vimeo and it’s non-commercial use policy, (except in a somewhat costly upgrade), and all the other similar services with restrictive policies and pricey prices. I happened upon Amazon Web Services; which includes Amazon S3 (s3 stands for simple safe storage), and Amazon Cloud front which distributes files you’ve uploaded for streaming to servers around the world….

…and another 24 hours has gone by and I’ve finally thrown in the towel over this one. After hours of trying to link the streaming functionality offered by Cloud Front with S3, and with no success – and having researched this issue far and wide and  put in way too many hours,  I’ve decided that Vimeo is not looking too bad as a solution to my hosting and streaming needs.

Usually if I persevere long enough I get results. But this battle is a battle against what feels to be beta demons. Maybe I’ll check back in six months or so and give it another hour…or two.

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