Agricola Media’s Latest Production, “Father Soldier,” now online…

Subject of the film of "Father Soldier", a film by Dave Esposito

Leo Hetzler, subject of the film  “Father Soldier”, a film by Dave Esposito


I’m happy to announce that my latest film, Father Soldier, is now available for screening online. Shot and edited over the past year, and with a running time of 27 minutes 20 seconds, the film explores the life of Father Leo Hetzler. an 88 year old Catholic Basilian priest.

Leo Hetzler fought his way through Europe in World War II, survived the Battle of the Bulge, had his best friend die in his arms, came home and went on to become a Catholic priest and educator. I tried to capture the soulfulness of this remarkable  human being…and to portray what profound experiences a single life can hold…


If you feel this film was worthwhile, and would like to assist in the continuation of similar film making projects, please donate by using the button below. Thank you, Dave Esposito 

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  1. Diane Potter says:

    A film that renews one’s faith … in faith.

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