A Visit to the Military History Society of Rochester…

My wife and I were out an about Saturday afternoon and we decided to stop by  the “Cultural Crawl” over at the Anderson Alley artist studios in downtown Rochester. The large old factory building has a number of artists/craftspeople doing their thing. The variety and quality of the works on display were very high and we took it all in as we strolled from floor to floor and from studio to studio. So it was a surprise amidst all the artists and craftspeople to come upon the Military History Society of Rochester at the end of one floor. I walked in and was amazed at the well thought out displays and the sheer amount of exhibits on display in, I’m guessing, a 20×40 foot area. Weaponry, photographs, flags, and two interesting gentleman; Director Chuck Baylis was on hand to show me around and although I spoke at length to the fellow on the right, I don’t have his name.                     .


I would have probably walked in and out of this museum a year ago, but things have changed since I began my film project Captain.  Hollywood and other cultural institutions may be accused at times of glorifying war, but these places are not about that.   It is to remind people, (me at least), of what those who served gave up for others. Good war, bad war, it doesn’t affect how I feel about the people who have gone through the most extreme of human experiences with honor.


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