A Beautiful Letter to the Mother of Robert F.Hodes…


This is an exerpt of a  a letter of condolence which was sent to Ella Margaret  Hodes on the death of her son in combat on Iwo Jima in 1945. The letter was sent by the Mother of a family on Maui that Corporal Hodes  formed a strong relationship with in the months before his death. I’m not sure of the mother’s first name as I read the handwritten letter. It’s either Mildred or Hildred… nonetheless, I’ve never read a more  beautiful expression of condolence.

Italics are mine…

…”Closing, and in thinking of Bob, it has helped us to remember that our beloved dead are the only ones of all our family circle who are constantly with us, since time and space no longer have power over their spirits. We again send you and the family our love and assure you out of our own experience that God is merciful and that time heals the first unbearable sharpness, leaving always the tenderness of the grief to deepen and sweeten our lives.

With profound sympathy,

Johnny, Mom and M(H)ildred



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  1. David Fisher says:

    What a beautiful expression of sympathy. Thanks for posting this, Dave. Also enjoyed the posts about the chainsaw-carved tribute. Incredible detail, and very touching. What a worthy project.

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