Agricola Media’s “Captain” Now Available on Amazon

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I’m very pleased to announce that Agricola Media’s documentary “Captain” is now available here or on Amazon. The film is the moving story of a USMC Marine Vietnam veteran who made it his mission to learn about a forgotten nineteen year old Marine killed at the battle of Iwo Jima near the end of World War ll. Production for Captain began in December, 2011 and finished up May 20, 2012. The story is told by Captain Richard Updaw, USMC, who served in Vietnam from 1966-1970. His chance observation at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, NY was the trigger that drove months of research to find out
the the details behind the life and death of Cpl. Robert F. Hodes, a nineteen year old marine who died at the battle of Iwo Jima at the age of nineteen. For me, the experience of producing this film has been both moving and educational…I now have an inkling, just an inkling, of what it must have been like for those who fought and died, and I am in awe of what they gave up-and what their surviving comrades live with decades later.

“Captain” Opens Memorial Day on this site!

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Agricola Media’s Captain, will be available for viewing free here on this site this coming Monday, Memorial Day! This film project began in December 2011, and is in the very final stages of editing at this moment. The film draws on interviews by film subject Richard Updaw, a USMC Captain who served in Vietnam and who lives in Rush, NY. The film brings together interviews, archival film, and photos in a very personal story about one man’s mission to keep alive the memory of a long dead 19 year old Corporal killed in the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945. Read the article in the Democrat and Chronicle this morning about the project.

To Have and To Give now available for free online viewing.

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To Have and To Give, can now be viewed for free online. The film, made in 2011, documents a family’s experience with living organ donation.

Agricola Media’s inaugural documentary, To Have and To Give, is an inspiring story of living organ donation. The film couldn’t be more personal for me: I was not only the filmmaker, but also the donor in question!

In 2001, my brother-in-law, the violinist Sung Rai Sohn, was terminally ill with liver disease. The prospects for finding a liver from a deceased donor were dim. A newspaper article on living donation got me thinking: perhaps I could give a portion of my own liver to Sung Rai. The twin surgeries were successful. Sung Rai and I are both living active and productive lives ten years later.

I made this documentary to connect with family and friends of patients who are in the same boat as Sung Rai. The promise – and at times difficult reality – of living donation is presented in the form of interviews with family members, transplant surgeons, social workers, and a Living Donor Advocate from the Center for Living Donation at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City