Trip to Ridgeway, PA for “Captain”

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My film subject for  Captain, Dick Updaw,  and I took a trip to Ridgeway, PA this past Friday with the purpose of viewing a newly completed chainsaw carving,  commissioned by Dick,  and executed by sculptor James T. Link. The  sculpture, (maybe monument is the better term),  in white pine, depicts Cpl. Robert F. Hodes, USMC coming ashore on Iwo Jima near the end of World War ll. Cpl. Hodes died in this terrible battle on February 21, 1945 at age 19. Dick has worked hard, since 2004,  to single-handedly resurrect the memory of this young man who died for his country.


It was really something to see this sculpture complete; very inspiring and moving. The on again-off again rain coming down added to the serious, somber mood of the piece. I watched as a number of viewers looked the piece over quietly. I felt that I could read their thoughts…

I believe Dick and James were  proud of their accomplishment – and it was plain to see that a bond was forged during  the collaboration that brought this piece into existance. This monument makes tangible the memory of youth cut down in it’s prime…


Captain visits the grave of an almost unknown soldier…

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Dick Updaw, my film subject for Captain, and I spent an hour this past Sunday at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, NY where Cpl. Robert Hodes lies buried. I thought it would be moving to film a grave-side visit on a day where not another single visitor was to be seen anywhere in this enormous cemetery.

We decided that images of Dick removing snow from the granite tombstone with his bare hands would symbolize the rescue from oblivion of Cpl. Hodes, who was 19 at the time he died at the battle of Iwo Jima. Mr Updaw got it too; I asked, and had no trouble getting, his participation in the filming of this symbolic event.

Production continues for “Captain”

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Dick Updaw. the subject for my film with the working title Captain and I took a trip over to Sculptor James T. Link’s studio this morning to have a look at the lifesize chainsaw carving in progress of Cpl. Robert Hodes coming ashore on Iwo Jima in 1945. I videotaped the sculptor at work and conferring with Dick. Link is a very impressive artist and he’s really involved himself with the project. Dick has provided him with pictures, news articles about Cpl. Hodes, along with books about the battle of Iwo Jima.

“To Have and To Give” Trailer Released

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I just put together this promotional trailer for this story. It runs about a minute and forty seconds. Feedback anyone?