Another “review” of “To Have and To Give”

Posted in Documentary on January 28th, 2012 by Dave

These words come from a person I’m filming currently – a very interesting man name of Richard Updaw. Richard is a Vietnam Vet who has been a demolition/blasting expert in the construction trades, a farmer, and now, at 66, a school bus driver. This in addition to mantaining a 60 acre farm in Rush, NY and taking care of lots of animals-all of which are basically pets. And that’s just the superficial bio…He has a quality of character that I am very interested in delving into and learning from…Maybe eventual viewers will see what I see, and find in him the inspiration I do.

At any rate, I asked Dick to screen “To Have and To Give“, and here’s what he had to say…

“Hey David:

My hat’s off to you, partner! I watched your documentary yesterday, and you get 10 stars in all departments. I thought the video was excellent, but what really got my attention was the sincerity that came out with everyone involved, particularly you. I could tell how near & dear to you the whole episode was, and I really feel that in addition to providing a part of your liver for transplant, you also transferred a whole lot of your heart. I think you knocked it out of the park on your first documentary, and I can see where it would be extremely valuable to anyone who might be involved in any kind of transplant in the future.

Amazon S3 – Cloud Front & WordPress Integration for streaming media files – a bust…

Posted in Uncategorized on January 24th, 2012 by Dave

After many, many hours I am close to being able to stream videos from my website without having to deal with You Tube and it’s 10 minute limit on videos, Vimeo and it’s non-commercial use policy, (except in a somewhat costly upgrade), and all the other similar services with restrictive policies and pricey prices. I happened upon Amazon Web Services; which includes Amazon S3 (s3 stands for simple safe storage), and Amazon Cloud front which distributes files you’ve uploaded for streaming to servers around the world….

…and another 24 hours has gone by and I’ve finally thrown in the towel over this one. After hours of trying to link the streaming functionality offered by Cloud Front with S3, and with no success – and having researched this issue far and wide and  put in way too many hours,  I’ve decided that Vimeo is not looking too bad as a solution to my hosting and streaming needs.

Usually if I persevere long enough I get results. But this battle is a battle against what feels to be beta demons. Maybe I’ll check back in six months or so and give it another hour…or two.

Kudos for “To Have & To Give”

Posted in Documentary on January 18th, 2012 by Dave

OK, well I’ll admit it’s a good friend saying all these nice things about my video on live organ donation, but I value his opinion and, well, I think he’s right.

“Hey Davey,

Wow! We were very moved by your video. What a fantastic job you’ve done – I am so impressed! We sat there riveted the whole time and it really gave me a deeper appreciation for the whole process. I remember being so amazed and in awe of you at the time you did this. The video brings it all back so strongly. It’s really wonderful too, how clearly the points of view of all the players come across, you and Sung Rai, Ann and your sister, the doctors…wow. Congratulations. If Mt Sinai doesn’t love this I’ll order up a collective brain transplant for them all, and after watching your video, I stand ready to serve as a live donor – one teaspoon for each ought to do the trick.

In all seriousness Dave – you’ve done a doubly wonderful thing here. In fact, you’ve leveraged your liver yet again! First with the transplant and now with this video, which can’t but help to be a tremendous service to the community of needy recipients and possible donors. It gives such an honest look at the whole process, from the nitty-gritty to the emotional side. I think interested folks viewing this will come away really understanding what they are getting into…and be encouraged. The love shines through.

Yer star-struck pal,


Research underway for “Captain”

Posted in Documentary on January 17th, 2012 by Dave

I’m looking forward to interviewing a subject this weekend to see if the potential is there for a documentary. The person’s name is Dick Updaw, a neighbor who a couple of years ago gave me a jump start for a dead car battery. I liked Dick right off the bat. Within a few minutes we were into a deep conversation about Vietnam and I learned that Dick had served early on in the war and had returned physically unscathed. The memories are still fresh though, as is a desire of his to keep the memory of those who served alive. To that end, his personal project of remembrance concerns Corporal Robert Hodes, a marine in World War II who served and died on Iwo Jima. Dick had never met the man, he simply saw the tombstone one day and wondered who this 19 year old was. He made up his mind that he would not forget this man – this particular man. I think that’s pretty moving actually.

I’m not at all sure where the interviews and possible film will lead – and I think that is to the good. I have more of a feeling that Dick is going to be the main subject of this film–that it won’t be remembrances of a veteran or a simple profile. I think there is a lot going on under the surface and I’m hoping he will let an audience see what makes a very strong character tick…

Trailer for “Making & Mastering Wood Planes”

Posted in Informational Video, Woodworking Video on January 15th, 2012 by Dave

I’m at work creating a script draft for a trailer to promote the DVD,  “Making & Mastering Wood Planes”  with David Finck.

The trailer will run about 1:30 and will, hit the high spots of the four hour and forty minute, two-DVD set that covers this woodworking topic. My partner in this DVD venture is the craftsman himself, David Finck, and we are both excited that several months of hard work are about to pay off in the release of this informational video. David has basically taken a two-day class he taught over the years and condensed it into the DVDs that will be available in February. We are hoping that this clear, carefully delivered presentation will be of great use to fine woodworkers everywhere.