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…produces information media for the medical profession, how-to videos by notable crafts people, and documentaries focused on biographies of people of interest. Current productions include
From Talking To Playing, a profile of renowned New York City Pianist & Teacher Mira Armij Gill
Making & Mastering Wood Planes, a “how-to” mini-series with renowned woodworker David Finck, To Have & To Give, a heartfelt documentary about live organ donation, produced in cooperation with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City; and Captain-Story of a Fallen Soldier, a profile of a fascinating Vietnam veteran. 

Agricola Media is proud to present its latest release: School for Jazz

School for Jazz takes viewers on a tour and shows the history of Jazz90.1 WGMC-FM – one of the nation’s last remaining 24/7/365 public jazz stations.

From Talking To Playing

From Talking To Playing is a 25 minute film profile of performing artist Mira Armij Gill.  With incredible drive and a passion for excellence both as a pianist and as a teacher, this New York City-based artist  has won the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere she’s performed.

Get a glimpse of what it takes to be a concert pianist at the highest level in a film that celebrates the passion and striving of a determined soul.

The film contains additional bonus features including two performances by Ms. Gill plus topics of interest to piano instructors, students, and performers. To purchase this film, please click the PayPal button below.

Captain, Story of a Fallen Soldier – As seen on WXXI-PBS!

A story of loyalty…and remembrance. Captain Richard Updaw, USMC 1966-1970, is the film subject of this documentary. A chance observation at a cemetery led to a search beginning in 2004 to resurrect the memory of a fallen 19 year old Corporal killed in the fighting on Iwo Jima in 1945.

This new DVD release contains additional information Captain Updaw discovered subsuquent to the film’s original release in 2012. It also has a Director’s Commentary by film maker Dave Esposito as an additional bonus feature. This video can be purchased on   Amazon or by clicking the PayPal button below.


To Have & To Give…

Agricola Media’s inaugural documentary, To Have and To Give, is an inspiring story of living organ donation. The film couldn’t be more personal for me: I was not only the filmmaker, but also the donor in question!

In 2001, my brother-in-law, the violinist Sung Rai Sohn, was terminally ill with liver disease. The prospects for finding a liver from a deceased donor were dim. A newspaper article on living donation got me thinking: perhaps I could give a portion of my own liver to Sung Rai. The twin surgeries were successful. Sung Rai and I are both living active and productive lives ten years later.

I made this documentary to connect with family and friends of patients who are in the same boat as Sung Rai. The promise – and at times difficult reality – of living donation is presented in the form of interviews with family members, transplant surgeons, social workers, and a Living Donor Advocate from the Center for Living Donation at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City.Individuals who wish to own this video as a DVD may purchase it for $19.95 which includes shipping. Just click the Buy Now Pay Pal button below. Or you can purchase it on Amazon as a an Instant Video Download or Rental.


Making and Mastering Wood Planes

Agricola Media and  master woodworker David Finck have released Making and Mastering Wood Planes.  Shot in November 2011, it has been on sale since February, 2012.  This 4 hour and forty minute how-to-epic is THE definitive video guide to making modern wood planes suitable for fine woodworking. If you have a woodworker in the family, this is a gift that will both inspire and inform that person!  You can purchase this wrapped DVD set at David Finck’s website. View the trailer here.